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Video: How To Use Your Router Table as a Jointer

How To Use Your Router Table as a Jointer

Most people think that you have to have a staionary jointer if you want to put a flat, straight edge on a rough board. However, if you’ve got a quality router table, especially one with an offsettable fence like the Kreg PRS1040 Router Table or the Bosch RA1181, joining a nice flat straight edge couldn’t be easier. Watch the video to see how quick and easy it is to get a perfect finish.

The key to using this technique is the ability to offset the infeed and outfeed sides of the fence so that the workpiece is supported on both sides of the cutter. Router tables like the Bosch RA1181 use a very simple method by inserting shims behind the outfeed sub-fence, typically 1/16″ thick.

There aren’t many router tables on the market that have something as sophisticated as the micro-adjustable system featured in the video which allows you to simply dial in the offset – it’s the Festool P00112 CMS-GE Router Table.

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