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Video: How to Cut a Rabbet Using a Router Table

How to Cut a Rabbet Using a Router Table

A rabbet is simply an open-sided channel or recess along the edge or across the end of a board or panel. It helps locate parts during assembly, and it provides more of a mechanical connection than a butt joint. It’s also great for aligning various components in cabinetry, and even simplified drawer construction. This versatile joint is easy to cut on a router table using a conventional straight-cutting bit.

You can buy dedicated Rabbet Router Bits that come with a number of different sized bearings to cut different sized rabbets. They’re easy to use as the bearing guarantees the exact size of the rabbet, but as the video demonstrated you can cut a variety of rabbet joints using a simple straight router cutter without much extra set up involved.

The router table in the video is the Festool P00112 CMS-GE Router Table.

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