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Review: Kreg PRS3400 Precision Router Table Set Up Bars

Review: Kreg PRS3400 Precision Router Table Set Up Bars

Ease of Use9.5
Value For Money9.3
9.2 out of 10
What's Hot?
  • Accurate
  • Fast and easy to use
  • Kreg quality and innovative design
  • Versatile - can also be used to set table saw blade height
What's Not?
  • No metric version
Bottom Line If you want some well made, accurate set up bars that are quick and easy to use, the Kreg PRS3400 Precision Router Table Set Up Bars fit the bill perfectly. For common-depth cuts on the router table or table saw (which is most of the time) these set up bars are much quicker than high-end alignment gauges. As with all Kreg products, the design is well thought out and with a male and a female side they can also be used for depth measurement. buy-now-amazon-button4
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When working on your router table or table saw you need a method for precisely setting cutter or blade height as well as the distance from the cutter/blade to the fence. At one end of the spectrum you can do it by trial and error with test cuts in scrap wood, and at the other end of the scale you can use a high-end runout gauge like the Betterley UNA-GAUGE Universal Alignment and Adjustment Gauge (which costs $199) and provide a level of accuracy that isn’t required on the router table 99% of the time. Set up bars fall in the middle – they’re fast and easy to use, more accurate than trial and error and much quicker to use than complicated measuring gauges. With the PRS3400 Precision Router Table Set Up Bars, Kreg have come up with one of the best designs on the market, and at under $40 they’re good value too.


Kreg PRS3400 Precision Router Table Set Up Bars are actually a 3-in-1 set up tool – each set up bar is a depth gauge, fence gauge and step gauge all in one. They are quality made from soft aluminum and the set includes 7 bars in the most common sizes you’re likely to want –  1/8″, 3/16″, 1/4″, 5/16″, 3/8″, 7/16″ & 1/2″. Unfortunately there’s no metric version at the moment.

The depth gauge is the one you’re most likely to be using, for accurately setting your router bit or table saw blade height. They’re very convenient because they stand by themselves on the table, leaving both hands free. You simply position the set up bar on the table straddling the bit and raise the height until it kisses the underside of the depth gauge cut-out and you’re good to go. It takes around 20 seconds.

Video: Kreg PRS3400 Set Up Bars In Use

The video demonstrates how quick and easy these 3-in-1 set up bars are to use.

Bottom Line

There’s only so much you can say about set up bars. Like all Kreg products, the Kreg PRS3400 Precision Router Table Set Up Bars are well designed and high quality. At $39.99 they are reasonably priced compared to high-end gauges and what’s more, they’re made in America. They are fast and convenient to use and the 7 piece set covers all the most common depths of cut you’ll be making. Every workshop should have a set. buy-now-amazon-button4

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